Anyone who's been in an old basement knows how damp, dank and dreary it can be. Many homeowners allow their basements to fall into disrepair due to water damage, humidity or lack of use. But why waste that valuable space in your home, when you can use it as a spare bedroom, children’s play room, state-of-the-art home theater, man cave or even a separate apartment? Long Island Basement Remodeling company that help turn your downstairs into a dream living space.

The basement is the most versatile area of the home that can be tailored to fit just about any need you have. Basement remodeling is an excellent way to add to your property value and increase the usable area of your home without going through the process of building an addition. Basement finishing is about maximizing functional living space and possibly even increasing sunlight into a room that may have been the equivalent of a storage closet.

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Long Island Basement Conversions

Finishing or renovating your basement is a big investment, and it’s important to make a well-informed, safe decision when it comes to choosing a contractor and a design. That's when it becomes time to contact the professionals at Long Island Basement Finishing Company. We specialize in designs, basement finishing and remodeling. A finished basement can be a valuable asset to your home’s long-term equity, and more importantly, provide functional new living space for your expanding family.

Our remodeling system can transform your unfinished basement into a bright, comfortable new living area designed for your family's enjoyment, and it can take as little as two weeks to complete. 

Remodeling can also help rid your basement of mold and moisture problems. Humid air enters your home through windows, walls and doorways or cracks in the concrete. Even if you already have a finished basement, many times the previous contractor didn't have the proper materials or the understanding to waterproof the room. A remodeled ceiling or wall will have added breathability and more resistance to moisture buildup. Long Island Construction Plus can offer you the latest in waterproofing materials that will let you rest comfortably in your basement, even while the extreme elements of winter weather are wreaking havoc right outside your window. Another issue that can be addressed is that of old ceiling or floor tiles that may be ridden with mold or asbestos. We'll remove and replace them as soon as possible to ensure your safety. We have a wide choice of contemporary designs to bring your basement into the modern age. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you explore all your options and give you expert guidance throughout the remodeling process. We've all seen those old basements with outdated paneling and obsolete floor tiles. Don't let your basement become a dinosaur. If you're interested in having your basement finished, contact us now for a free inspection. Let the experts at Long Island Construction Plus turn your basement into contemporary comfort.