Garage extensions and conversions come in many shapes and forms. Long Island Construction Plus is ready to turn your existing garage into new living or storage space or house additional cars.

Cars and Storage

Many Long Island homeowners look at their garage and wish there was more room for storage or an additional vehicle. There is no fun battling the elements or digging your non garaged car out of the snow all winter long, or maybe you need space for a motorcycle or all terrane vehicle or small water craft. The space conversion experts at Long Island Construction Plus can take your existing garage and add an additional vehicle bay while greatly increasing the areas overall storage capacity.

Additional Bedroom

While many homeowners might look at a full dormer to expand their living space, the solution might be as simple as converting the garage into a beautiful and comfortable living space. Using a standard garage and converting it into living space can add an extra 600 square feet of brand new construction to your home.

Building over the Garage

If you have a free standing garage you might want to build up and add an apartment, home office, art studio, workshop or recreational area.

Connecting a free standing Garage

If your home and garage are separate, the space between them can be put to good use. Long Island Construction Plus can build a connection to your home so you can conveniently get into the house without going outside.

Additional Garage Conversions

Long Island Construction Plus also can convert your garage to add a storage loft, home theater, family room or kitchen extension.

Our skilled staff of master carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, masons, roofers and siding experts have all worked on hundreds of garage conversions over the years.

Please contact Long Island Construction Plus for a garage conversion consultation. 

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