At Long Island Construction Plus we have remodeled many homes for a wide variety of reasons:

Numerous Long Island homeowners have renovated over the years in bits and pieces as their family has grown. The time might have finally come where you want your house to flow together.

Perhaps the kids have left, and now it’s time to remodel to mom and dad’s current preferences.

Maybe you have purchased a new fixer-upper that needs an entire interior and exterior renovation.

More and more homeowners are also using their living space as an office and want to remodel their home to be a combination work and living space.

Homeowners might look at renovations in a more simple way such as adding wainscot or refreshing the staircase.

Many homeowners are content with the interior of their home but want to refresh and renew the exterior.

These are just a few of the countless renovation projects we have undertaken over the years.

Long Island Construction Plus has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to renovate your home or give it the rejuvenation or new purpose you desire.

We offer a comprehensive range of home remodeling services including:

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Room additions

Basement or Attic Renovation

Window, siding or roof replacement

Updated plumbing and electrical systems

Floor replacement

New woodwork

Making your home more energy efficient

Deck and porch construction

ADA and handicap alterations

Not only will any of these projects add new beauty and space to your home, but will also increase your property value.

No matter what home renovation or remodeling project you are undertaking Long Island Construction Plus always remembers that your residence is not just a house, it’s your home! We fully understand this and will respect your property through each phase of our construction process.

Please contact us for a complete consultation on your next home renovation project.



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